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Dallas Cowboys take center stage

sports-blog-index-logo9Every Monday through Thursday, Buzz Manager Blog reports the Top 5 Topics discussed by the most influential sports blogs, as rated by  Sports Media Challenge’s Sports Blog Index.

Over the weekend, the Dallas Cowboys took center stage on the top sports blogs due to a combination of discussion on their win over the NY Giants as well as backlash from fans and Terrell Owens against ESPN’s Ed Werder for his report about conflict within the Dallas team. Also highly discussed was the Heisman Trophy, awarded over the weekend to Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, with many bloggers also amused that initially mistakenly published a story stating that Florida QB Tim Tebow had won the award. Bloggers were perplexed by Auburn’s hire of former Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik as the Tigers’ new head football coach and entertained by Auburn fans’ negative reactions to the hiring. The N.Y. Yankees signing pitcher A.J. Burnett was also popular, with discussion about the amount of money the Yankees are spending on free agent signings continuing following last week’s signing of pitcher CC Sabathia to a record contract.  Rounding out the top five was the Philadelphia 76ers firing head coach Maurice Cheeks.



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