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Mark Cuban charged with insider trading steals bloggers’ attention

sports-blog-index-logo2Every Monday trough Thursday, Buzz Manager Blog reports the Top 5 Topics discussed by the most influential sports blogs, as rated by Sports Media Challenge’s Sports Blog Index.
Over the past 24 hours, the Securities and Exchange Commission filing a civil lawsuit against Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for insider trading was the most popular topic among the top sports blogs. The Cleveland Browns’ Monday Night Football win over the Buffalo Bills was also highly discussed. Discussion about President-elect Barack Obama’s desire for a college football playoff continued to be a popular topic. Eagles QB Donovan McNabb also stayed in the Top 5 as bloggers continued to poke fun at his comments that he did not know an NFL game could end in a tie. Rounding out the Top 5 was news that The New York Times quarterly sports magazine, Play, is folding.

Florida rolling, others toiling, college football is most popular topic


Every Monday trough Thursday, Buzz Manager Blog reports the Top 5 Topics discussed by the most influential sports blogs, as rated by Sports Media Challenge’s Sports Blog Index.

Over the weekend, college football was the most popular topic among the top sports blogs. In particular bloggers were discussing Florida’s dominating win over South Carolina, Syracuse firing head coach Greg Robinson, Notre Dame’s close call against Navy, and Oregon’s new uniforms. Another popular area of discussion was bloggers making fun of Eagles QB Donovan McNabb’s comments that he did not know an NFL game could end in a tie, following the 13-13 tied finish in the Eagles’ game versus the Bengals. Also popular was comments from President-elect Barack Obama on ’60 Minutes’ Sunday, reiterating his desire for a playoff to decide a college football champion. A controversy involving the final score in the Steelers-Chargers game riled up bloggers. A Steelers touchdown at the end of the game was overturned on review, but later confirmed by NFL officials after the game as a touchdown. Had the touchdown been counted in the game, the Steelers would have covered the points spread for betting purposes, which they did not do with the final 11-10 score. Rounding out the Top 5 was discussion about Suns C Shaquille O’Neal being automatically ejected from Sunday’s game versus the Pistons for a flagrant foul two, with several bloggers stating they felt the call was too harsh and the ejection was unwarranted.

Blog In-Depth: Athletes expressing political views?

Buzz Manager™ analyzed blog discussion surrounding opinions on athletes publicly expressing their political views.

The Buzz ranked 4 out of 10, a topic of a medium level of interest among sports bloggers.

–     Bloggers in the Positive category praised athletes expressing their political views, feeling athletes have as much a right to an opinion as every other voter and should feel free to express it. Many enjoyed hearing athletes’ take on the historical significance of Barack Obama being elected. Others said that athletes’ opinions can raise awareness among others and serve as a catalyst for conversation. Among athletes receiving praise were Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

–     Bloggers in the Negative category disliked athletes expressing their unhappiness with the proposed Obama tax plan that would raise their taxes. Many felt this reflected negatively on the athletes given that they are paid such high salaries to begin with. Some felt that athletes should not express their political views in general, seeing it as an abuse of their celebrity status. Others felt negatively about those athletes that supported political views different from their own, saying it made it harder for them to be a fan of that athlete.

–     Bloggers in the Neutral category tended to either post quotes or videos of athletes and their political reactions, without any commentary. Some noticed the conflicting feelings some athletes may have faced in this election, due to the relative quickness with which a professional athlete’s socioeconomic class changes. Many come from low or middle income families and may still identify with those feelings, as opposed to their feelings about protecting their high salaries.

blog-hound-pie-chart-11-7-08Celebrating Barack Obama’s victory is something that can be done on one’s own time, and probably shouldn’t be something that is planned on the company’s dime. I’m not sure why anyone would feel that it’s ok for athletes to make these sorts of political statements when they are “at work,” but I’m sure if anyone in a normal job were to celebrate election results at work in a way that could potentially damage the company, it would result in punitive action. Is there a reason that athletes feel the need to abuse the public stage to express political views? I’m certainly not suggesting they be censored, but I do believe a certain amount of discretion should be considered, and I’m not sure that I see that in sports today. It doesn’t matter who the athlete is supporting. Whether it’s Marshall celebrating Obama’s victory, or Brady Quinn stumping for John McCain, there’s no reason for it. It’s not only an abuse of their celebrity status, it’s also a testament to the ignorance of the American voter.” – Fan IQ

Here are my Top 10 Reasons as to why we need MORE political expression from athtletes and more politically charged questions from the media in Sports. Freedom of speech and political participation are kind of important concepts. … When is the last time you didn’t cheer when your least favorite player hit a home run or scored a touchdown for your favorite team? And when was the last time a winning team didn’t seem to develop wonderful team chemistry? Besides, expressing your political views is not inconsistent with basic civility. … There is also nothing wrong with an athlete simply saying they have no opinion or that they don’t wish to share their opinion. That’s their right too and nobody would dispute that. Thus, it is silly to suggest that athletes would be unfairly “exposed” or made to look bad if the issues of politics came up. Athletes, like all citizens, have complete control over their level of involvement. …  Athletes don’t need to be “experts”to express political views any more than you or I do. This is the United States of America. We all get to speak. Some of the most ignorant people in the country are political talk show hosts. What exactly is their “qualification”? What credential does an athlete need? The same one you or I need. None.” – The Daily Sports Herald Blog


Sports blogs delve into the election… but save room for some NFL trash talk

Over the past 24 hours, most of the top sports blogs were discussing the U.S. Presidential election, but the most popular sports topic was back and forth “trash talk” between Miami Dolphins LB Joey Porter and Denver Broncos WR Brandon Marshall. Allen Iverson being traded to Detroit continued to be a popular topic following Iverson’s introductory press conference. Bloggers found amusement in an unusually high number of arrests at Ralph Wilson Stadium before, during, and after Sunday’s Bills-Jets game, including two individuals reportedly arrested for having sex in one of the stadium bathrooms. Chris Berman’s Monday Night Football interviews of the two Presidential candidates continued to be highly discussed. Rounding out the Top 5 were bloggers making fun of an advertisement done by ESPN’s Erin Andrews for Replay Photos.



Big trade deal featuring Allen Iverson and Chauncey Billups tops the blogs

Over the past 24 hours, news that the Denver Nuggets are trading Allen Iverson to the Detroit Pistons for Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, and Cheikh Samb surprised many bloggers, making it the most discussed topic. Also highly discussed was Chris Berman’s interviews of Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama during ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast. The University of Tennessee firing head football coach Phillip Fulmer was also a popular topic, though many bloggers expressed that they were not surprised. Texas Tech’s win over Texas continued to be a popular topic, especially Michael Crabtree’s game-changing touchdown play and some people being sold counterfeit tickets outside the stadium. Rounding out the Top 5 was the Steelers’ Monday Night Football win over the Redskins. Bloggers talked about MNF in relation to the presidential election superstition that if the Redskins win their last home game before the election, the incumbent party wins the election, meaning that if the superstition holds true in line with the Redskins’ loss, Barack Obama will win the election.

Blogs In-Depth: Barack Obama’s campaign permeates the sports world

Buzz Manager™ analyzed online discussion surrounding Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign reaching into the sports world. News reports this week stated that a 30 minute Obama campaign segment could delay the start of Game 6 of the MLB World Series and that Obama campaign ads would be showing up in the form of billboards and signage in various EA video games.

The Buzz ranked 6 out of 10, a topic of a medium level of interest among bloggers.

–     Bloggers in the Positive category (40%) thought video game advertising was a smart move for the Obama campaign to reach young voters and praised that the campaign had been so active in online social media as well. Some observed that it validated the significance of video games and online entertainment in American society. Some also felt that if a Game 6 of the World Series ends up being necessary, Obama will have the attention of a large number of viewers for his ad segment. Obama’s campaign received praise for branching out into non-traditional venues and using innovative methods to campaign. However, those that thought it was a good move did not necessarily state that they are voting for Obama.

–     Bloggers in the Negative category (33%) strongly disliked the mixing of politics with sports, though they did not necessarily state which candidate they are voting for. Some were opposed to advertisements in video games that were not directly related to the subject of the game (i.e. they were not opposed to actual NFL sponsor advertisements appearing in Madden ’09). There was stronger negative commentary directed toward the World Series delay versus the video game ads.

–     Bloggers in the Neutral category (27%) were intrigued by the campaign tactic, but did not express a definite opinion.


Rays’ domination of the Red Sox most popular topic

Over the past 24 hours, the Tampa Bay Rays rose to the top spot in the Top 5 after a big win over the Red Sox to take a 3-1 lead in the ALCS. The indefinite suspension of Dallas Cowboys CB Adam Jones was also highly discussed among bloggers. Rumors are spreading through the blog world that Greek basketball club Olympiacos is preparing to make an offer to Kobe Bryant, though there are conflicting reports about the contract’s value, ranging from $60-83 million. Some bloggers are suspicious of the reliability of the rumor’s source, but generated enough discussion to push into the Top 5. The NLCS continued to be a popular topic as the Phillies are one win away from the World Series. Rounding out the Top 5 was news that Barack Obama’s presidential campaign would feature ads in the popular football video game Madden ’09 in the form of stadium signage and billboards.

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