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Open Question to the Blogosphere…

There are clearly a plethora of ways to acquire photos, video and audio items on the web. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any real research done about best or most common practices within the blogosphere.paparazzi2-main_full1

When getting photos/video/audio online what source do you go to first? Do you search Google Images for pictures, YouTube for videos and so on? Do you go for higher resolution images from Getty Images or Corbis’ websites? Do you search for media in a search engine or do you go directly to the original source of that media?

If you were forced to rank the following characteristics what would be most important to you? Would you rather the media be free, easily accessible, or high resolution?


Natalie Gulbis and RSM McGladrey Partnership is Truly Successful

First a little history—RSM McGladrey, the 5th largest accounting, tax, and business consulting firm in the country organized an event called “Who’s Behind Your Success?” The idea was to have people from all walks of life write an essay about one person that inspired them to succeed in life. The winner of the competition won an entire day with LPGA star Natalie Gulbis. Ultimately, a student at George Washington University named Taylor Anderson won with the following essay:

Born paralyzed on my right side, I am an unlikely golfer but all my life Mom encouraged me to reach for my goals.Doctors weren’t encouraging but my Mom always believed. She devoted countless hours to medical appointments and therapies so I could participate in the “normal” world. When I expressed my interest in golfing with my Dad, she researched instructors until she found one willing to take on a handicapped student. My senior year of high school I began a golf team at my school and was elected the first Captain. She filled my life with unconditional support, with possibilities not limitations. Her unconditional love and support have allowed me to pursue my interests with confidence and enthusiasm. As a junior at the George Washington University I realize the impact that level of support has had on my life, how different it might have been without her unwavering belief in all I could do rather than what I couldn’t. I have tried karate, fencing and riding as well as golf.  I will always love the game and time with my Dad, but there’s no doubt that the person behind my success is my Mom.

There is also a really good video about Taylor on RSM McGladrey’s website. Obviously credit has to be given to both RSM McGladrey and Natalie Gulbis for not only taking part, but organizing and planning a nationwide event like this. Its events like these that remind the American public that both financial companies and professional athletes are still human and have a strong sense of morals.


If we look a little further, we realize that this is even more momentous than it appears to be on the surface. In promoting the event RSM McGladrey didn’t just focus on mainstream media, but they reached out to online social media. Two of the blogosphere’s most prominent general sports blogs—Deadspin and Sports by Brooks—were two of the best referring sites during the essay submission period. After it was determined that Taylor would be meeting Natalie on December 7th, RSM McGladrey made it their prerogative to contact top bloggers and discussion board administrators to promote the story. Within minutes of learning the details Ballhype’s top ranked golf blog, Dogs That Chase Cars, posted a story on its site. Since then, the post has made its way onto BallHype and Yardbarker’s “Top Story” sections and into ESPN discussion board.

Natalie Gulbis and RSM McGladrey compeition getting noticed

Natalie Gulbis and RSM McGladrey compeition getting noticed

RSM McGladrey is ahead of the curve not only in the accounting/finance world, but in the general business world with respect to their marketing strategies. They have incorporated social media marketing and succeeded with it while some companies are still trying to hone in on what the difference between and blog and a discussion board actually is. This is a big step forward for the blogosphere, RSM McGladrey and Natalie Gulbis


Reporting from the WOMMA Research Symposium

Day one of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s (WOMMA) Summit has come and gone. The day was dedicated solely to word of mouth (WOM) research.

There were two major recurring themes in today’s discussion:

1. Who are influencers and how to you judge their influence: The general consensus is that influencers are those that drive conversation. These are people who are highly persuasive and highly active, whether it is in a niche realm or with a general audience. There was no consensus on how to judge their influence. Some monitoring and research companies gauge influence with just backlinks to the individuals website, while others incorporate a plethora of factors such as attitude, knowledge, spending, behavior, status and connectedness.

My philosophy aligns more with the latter. I am a big proponent of looking at both quantitative and qualitative factors when gauging influence. This means looking at the individuals website traffic numbers, the quality of their writing, the activity level of their community, the intelligence of their community and their connections to other online networks or websites.

2. How do you prove return on investment (ROI) with WOM: Many of the experts in the room have grappled with this question for years. They are able to address ROI to an extent, but never entirely. One goal that actually came out of today is to work as a united group to develop a proper ROI model in an effort to improve WOM marketing as a whole. My company, Sports Media Challenge, will be one that takes an active role in the process moving forward.

Several different models of depicting the value of word of mouth were discussed:

1. Customer Value Matrix: This model focuses on adding new customers while reducing marketing acquistion costs. It compares the value of customers who joined due to refferal vs. customers who would’ve joined anyway. It is important to note that both groups are seen as a positive. Even if an individual joined or purchased a consumer product because they would’ve anyway and not because of WOM, the company still saved on traditional marketing efforts.

2. Net Promoter Matrix: This model attempts to add customers while minimizing lost customers with WOM. They look at [positively referred consumers x number referred x conversion rate] and the same with negatively referred.

3. Social Value of Opinion: This looks at the acceleration effect, which involves focusing on people who are highly persuasive and highly active (influencers).

4. Conversation Value Model: This not only focuses on new customer purchases due to WOM, but how long consumers continue to recommend a product after their initial recommendation.

Most importantly, I came away from today reminded that WOM and social media in particular is fueled not by technology, but by relationships. Sure as social media users we use technology (blogs, Facebook, IM, Twitter…), but it is the relationships we develop with friends, colleagues and consumers that allows us to accomplish our goals.


PGA McGladrey Team Championship Update

The Stonebridge Ranch Country Club of McKinney, Texas, representing the Northern Texas PGA Section won the PGA McGladrey Team Championship with a 3-stroke victory.The team was made up of PGA professional Joseph Menton and amateurs Eric Kelly, Jim Freed and Mickey Freed.

This is an eclectic group of guys. Amongst the team there is a former pastor, an air

Stonebridge Ranch Country Club Team at the PGA McGladrey Team Championship

Stonebridge Ranch Country Club Team at the PGA McGladrey Team Championship

craft mechanic and an insurance agent.

It must of been so special for this team from Texas to succeed in the qualifying rounds, make it to magnificent Pinehurst and win the PGA McGladrey Team Chamionship.

RSM McGladrey’s sponsorship and architecture of this event has allowed these amateur golfers to be forever known as national champions.


PGA McGladrey Team Championship: Golf at Pinehurst

The PGA McGladrey Team Championship, held at the hallowed ground of Pinehurst, has vastly exceeded all expectations. There are 26 teams of amateurs who have worked their way through the 22,000 person field. They have endured rounds upon rounds of competitive golf, deep sand traps with high lips and the occasional trick shot from the woods.

The amazing thing…every single golfer I have talked to is as warm and welcoming as the next. These are genuinely good people with success stories about their golf game, their business relationships and their personal lives. RSM McGladrey’s sponsorship of this event has afforded me the opportunity to be reminded that its not just the professional golfers, but the amateur golfers that are ambassadors of the game.

Speaking of professional golfers, RSM McGladrey brought their impressive team of golfers to the tournament to provide lessons for all who were smart enough to watch. Zach Johnson and Chris DiMarco flew from Las Vegas to North Carolina at 2:30 AM after tying for 10th in Justin Timberlake’s new tournament. They may have been tired or disheveled, but they didn’t show it one bit. Aside from a trick shot session where Zach and Chris were breaking pumpkins and shattering glass, the two golfers spoke of their mind set while on the course and how they got to the level they’re at today. Chris is more of an outgoing jovial character with one-liner after one-line, while Zach exhibits more of a soft comedy combined with an obvious openness.

The championship isn’t over, actually it has just begun. I will keep you posted as to the scores and who ultimately wins. The important lessons I take away from the PGA McGladrey Team Championship thus far are that a team of cohesive amateurs playing together is as representative of the game of golf as is the Golden Bear or Tiger, and that RSM McGladrey makes an outstanding partner for the PGA of America. McGladrey understands the culture of golf better than many other sponsors involved in the sport of golf.

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