Open Question to the Blogosphere…

There are clearly a plethora of ways to acquire photos, video and audio items on the web. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any real research done about best or most common practices within the blogosphere.paparazzi2-main_full1

When getting photos/video/audio online what source do you go to first? Do you search Google Images for pictures, YouTube for videos and so on? Do you go for higher resolution images from Getty Images or Corbis’ websites? Do you search for media in a search engine or do you go directly to the original source of that media?

If you were forced to rank the following characteristics what would be most important to you? Would you rather the media be free, easily accessible, or high resolution?


1 Response to “Open Question to the Blogosphere…”

  1. December 22, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    I think most people just get images from Google for their blog posts without any regard to copyright or ownership. The more serious bloggers probably look at creative commons images on Flickr and maybe some of the stock photography sites. For me, and I would think most bloggers, free is the most important thing, followed by easy accessibility.

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