Visanthe Shiancoe – when a negative becomes a positive

Last week I talked about how Chris Cooley created a name and a brand for himself via the use of a blog.  So what about athletes who unintentionally become social media darlings? Can they capitalize on the publicity and reclaim their brand?

So far this week one of the most discussed topics among sports blogs was a Fox post-game segment from the locker room that inadvertently showed Minnesota Vikings TE Visanthe Shiancoe partially nude. The freeze frame picture quickly found its way to the internet. Now, let’s be honest, how many of us non-Vikings fans had actually heard of Shiancoe before now? Anybody? Yeah, me neither. But apparently he’s tied for the NFC lead for touchdowns among tight ends. This single incident has catapulted a relatively unknown  six year NFL veteran into the public eye:


Certainly Shiancoe doesn’t want to be known forever as the guy caught on camera nude in the locker room, but he has a very brief window of time to capitalize on the name recognition and try to change the conversation to protect his brand. Although Shiancoe is embarrassed, the public doesn’t see this as a transgression on his part; they blame Fox for airing it. While he has their attention and their empathy is the time to convert them into fans.

Shiancoe’s agent, Tony Agnone, said, [Shiancoe] said he hopes they talk more about his game-winning touchdown, his number of catches, his team’s playoff push and maybe his chance of making the Pro Bowl.” Now, while has fans’ attention, is the time to make that conversation happen.



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