Recession forces fans to find new ways to keep in touch with their favorite athletes

Recession forces fans to find new ways to keep in touch with their favorite athlete

Initially when reading about the economic downfall, the term “recession proof” was synonymous with professional sports. Now the headlines are reading that the pro leagues will indeed be affected by the recession. Brandweek recently reported that Ad sales were down 15 percent. The NFL has said that they are lowering the cost of playoff tickets this year by 10 percent. According to the SportsBusiness Journal, the Cowboys, recently looked to borrow $350 million during the worst credit environment in history, this after a $126 million loan that they acquired last year.

The NFL, MLB, and NBA are not going to see any real drastic changes- they are still doing really well. Sports players make some of the largest salaries in the country-without a doubt. (The average MLB player’s salary was $3 million in 2007.) But from the consumer end, it is nice to see that something is being done to ease the blow of soaring ticket prices. To pawn a phrase from Sarah Palin, “The Joe Six Packs” are having a hard time keeping up with their favorite teams.

Us regular Joes welcome the big whigs down to our level. League executives are beginning to understand that times are tough, and keeping their products affordable is going to help out everyone. They are learning that if they don’t become flexible during this hardship they could potentially risk severing bonds between their fans and teams. Ending relationships that have taken years to build.

While we are waiting on all of the team execs to jump on the bandwagon, here is what I suggest… take advantage of social media. There is a whole world of interactivity at your fingertips. Relationships are waiting to be made and strengthened. Not just for fans like you and me, but for everyone.

Have you heard? Shaq is on twitter? The big Aristotle is out there building relationships that will long surpass that of his tenure with the Suns. This is the perfect time to take advantage of  what is an opportunity to interact with your team, favorite athlete, or fellow fans without any direct involvement of an organization. Just you and whomever you choose to communicate with. What an awesome opportunity! Share information, opinions, statistics all in a matter of seconds- and it is free. Chances are someone will talk back, which would be way sweeter than an autograph. If you are like one lucky Shaq fan, you could even land a phone call call from your favorite athlete.

Shaq greets Pheonix Suns fans

Shaq greets Pheonix Suns fans


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