Natalie Gulbis and RSM McGladrey Partnership is Truly Successful

First a little history—RSM McGladrey, the 5th largest accounting, tax, and business consulting firm in the country organized an event called “Who’s Behind Your Success?” The idea was to have people from all walks of life write an essay about one person that inspired them to succeed in life. The winner of the competition won an entire day with LPGA star Natalie Gulbis. Ultimately, a student at George Washington University named Taylor Anderson won with the following essay:

Born paralyzed on my right side, I am an unlikely golfer but all my life Mom encouraged me to reach for my goals.Doctors weren’t encouraging but my Mom always believed. She devoted countless hours to medical appointments and therapies so I could participate in the “normal” world. When I expressed my interest in golfing with my Dad, she researched instructors until she found one willing to take on a handicapped student. My senior year of high school I began a golf team at my school and was elected the first Captain. She filled my life with unconditional support, with possibilities not limitations. Her unconditional love and support have allowed me to pursue my interests with confidence and enthusiasm. As a junior at the George Washington University I realize the impact that level of support has had on my life, how different it might have been without her unwavering belief in all I could do rather than what I couldn’t. I have tried karate, fencing and riding as well as golf.  I will always love the game and time with my Dad, but there’s no doubt that the person behind my success is my Mom.

There is also a really good video about Taylor on RSM McGladrey’s website. Obviously credit has to be given to both RSM McGladrey and Natalie Gulbis for not only taking part, but organizing and planning a nationwide event like this. Its events like these that remind the American public that both financial companies and professional athletes are still human and have a strong sense of morals.


If we look a little further, we realize that this is even more momentous than it appears to be on the surface. In promoting the event RSM McGladrey didn’t just focus on mainstream media, but they reached out to online social media. Two of the blogosphere’s most prominent general sports blogs—Deadspin and Sports by Brooks—were two of the best referring sites during the essay submission period. After it was determined that Taylor would be meeting Natalie on December 7th, RSM McGladrey made it their prerogative to contact top bloggers and discussion board administrators to promote the story. Within minutes of learning the details Ballhype’s top ranked golf blog, Dogs That Chase Cars, posted a story on its site. Since then, the post has made its way onto BallHype and Yardbarker’s “Top Story” sections and into ESPN discussion board.

Natalie Gulbis and RSM McGladrey compeition getting noticed

Natalie Gulbis and RSM McGladrey compeition getting noticed

RSM McGladrey is ahead of the curve not only in the accounting/finance world, but in the general business world with respect to their marketing strategies. They have incorporated social media marketing and succeeded with it while some companies are still trying to hone in on what the difference between and blog and a discussion board actually is. This is a big step forward for the blogosphere, RSM McGladrey and Natalie Gulbis


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