Blog In-Depth: World Series, Game 5 suspension, Bud Selig… what did bloggers think?

Buzz Manager™ analyzed online discussion surrounding reaction to the World Series, in particular the suspension of Game 5. Overall, most felt that Bud Selig made the correct decision by suspending the game and playing it in full. However, most felt that Selig should have let everyone, including fans, know beforehand that should weather become an issue the game would still be played in its entirety regardless of the inning in which it was suspended, and then suspended the game earlier.

The Buzz ranked 7 out of 10, a topic of a high level of interest among sports bloggers.

–     Bloggers in the Positive category enjoyed watching good baseball. They said that although the match-up wasn’t between two of MLB’s marquee teams, it was still entertaining. There was no overtly positive commentary regarding the handling of suspending Game 5.

–     Bloggers in the Negative category criticized Bud Selig’s handling of the weather issues. Although bloggers were happy the World Series wasn’t decided by a game being called due to weather, they felt that Selig should have suspended the game much earlier given the conditions. Instead, it appeared to them that he purposefully waited until the Rays had tied the game to call for a weather delay. One blogger characterized the series itself as a ‘disaster’, reflected by low television ratings and low interest in the two teams playing, outside of their own fan bases. Another felt that the World Series has lost the ‘overall luster’ it once had.

–     Bloggers in the Neutral category felt that Bud Selig was in a very difficult position and that deciding when and how to suspend the game was a tough decision. 

Though I’d have loved to watch a seven game series, and there’s no sense in diminishing Tampa’s historic achievement, it’s very hard to argue the Phillies aren’t deserving.” – Can’t Stop the Bleeding

I think the ultimate sentiment is that the World Series has just lost the overall luster that it once had. “- Awful Announcing

When This World Series Ended, Did Anyone Notice? It’s not just the two teams involved. Although, let’s be honest, nobody outside Philadelphia cares about the Phillies (we’re pretty sure Phillies fans don’t give a damn about that) and, despite the underdog appeal, literally nobody this side of Dick Vitale is really invested in the Rays (that’ll soon change, we hope). We feel like it’s all kind of a shame. We’re big, big baseball fans. And irregardless of the fact that the Cubs or Padres (there you go, boys) are rarely if ever in the Series, this should be baseball’s ultimate showcase. … But in a lot of ways, this year’s Fall Classic was a disaster. The television ratings have been pretty awful. We all know that and knew it would be like that going in. We even found ourselves flipping around or watching weird weekday college football games instead of focusing in on the World Series. “- Rumors and Rants


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