Bud Selig’s handling of the World Series, Greg Oden injury top the blogs

Over the past 24 hours, the World Series continued its hold on the top spot in the Top 5 Topics as bloggers debated MLB Commissioner Bud Selig’s handling of the weather delays. Portland Trail Blazers C Greg Oden’s foot injury just minutes into his NBA debut last night garnered a lot of attention from bloggers, many disappointed that his true ‘debut’ will be even further delayed. The video of Danyelle Sargent’s interview with 49ers coach Mike Singletary continued to be highly discussed following Sargent’s appearance on the Dan Patrick Show attempting to explain the incident. Although some feel the gaffe regarding Bill Walsh is inexcusable, others feel sorry for Sargent because the clip never appeared on the air so her mistake never should have been public. Along with Oden’s injury, the start of the NBA season was a popular topic. Rounding out the Top 5, bloggers posted a video clip from last night’s Marshall vs. Houston football game in which Houston WR Patrick Edwards suffered a compound leg fracture after colliding with a band equipment cart sitting a few yards past the end zone line. Bloggers expressed condolences and get-well wishes for Edwards, while questioning why the cart was so close to the field.

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