PGA McGladrey Team Championship: Golf at Pinehurst

The PGA McGladrey Team Championship, held at the hallowed ground of Pinehurst, has vastly exceeded all expectations. There are 26 teams of amateurs who have worked their way through the 22,000 person field. They have endured rounds upon rounds of competitive golf, deep sand traps with high lips and the occasional trick shot from the woods.

The amazing thing…every single golfer I have talked to is as warm and welcoming as the next. These are genuinely good people with success stories about their golf game, their business relationships and their personal lives. RSM McGladrey’s sponsorship of this event has afforded me the opportunity to be reminded that its not just the professional golfers, but the amateur golfers that are ambassadors of the game.

Speaking of professional golfers, RSM McGladrey brought their impressive team of golfers to the tournament to provide lessons for all who were smart enough to watch. Zach Johnson and Chris DiMarco flew from Las Vegas to North Carolina at 2:30 AM after tying for 10th in Justin Timberlake’s new tournament. They may have been tired or disheveled, but they didn’t show it one bit. Aside from a trick shot session where Zach and Chris were breaking pumpkins and shattering glass, the two golfers spoke of their mind set while on the course and how they got to the level they’re at today. Chris is more of an outgoing jovial character with one-liner after one-line, while Zach exhibits more of a soft comedy combined with an obvious openness.

The championship isn’t over, actually it has just begun. I will keep you posted as to the scores and who ultimately wins. The important lessons I take away from the PGA McGladrey Team Championship thus far are that a team of cohesive amateurs playing together is as representative of the game of golf as is the Golden Bear or Tiger, and that RSM McGladrey makes an outstanding partner for the PGA of America. McGladrey understands the culture of golf better than many other sponsors involved in the sport of golf.


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