Blog In-Depth: The effect of the economy on sports

Buzz Manager™ analyzed online discussion about the effect of the economy on the sports world.

The Buzz ranked 2 out of 10, a topic of a low level of interest among sports bloggers.

–     Bloggers in the Positive category (25%) did not think the economy would have a major effect on things like ticket sales and attendance. Some cited examples, such as the Boston Celtics easily selling all their season tickets and high demand for tickets for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

–     Bloggers in the Negative category (50%) did not believe sports would be insultated from the economic crunch as they sometimes have been historically. They felt that, particularly for the middle class fan, the cost of attending games would become too great during financial hard times, especially if a team is struggling in the wins department. As an entertainment or luxury item, sports would be the thing these bloggers would see cut out of their budgets. Some also mentioned the issues the new New York football stadium may face in selling its luxury boxes and expensive PSLs.

–     Bloggers in the Neutral category (25%) were unsure how the economic downturn would affect the sports world, thinking it could go either way. In difficult times, people may cling to sports for hope and escapism, or sports could be the first thing to go due to tight budgets.


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