Blog In-Depth: LPGA implements rule on English proficiency

Buzz Manager ™ analyzed online discussion surrounding the LPGA implementing a rule requiring players to be proficient in English. Bloggers praising the new rule were tallied as positive, while bloggers who were critical of the new rule were counted as negative.

The Buzz ranked 10 out of 10, a topic of a high level of interest among sports bloggers.

– Bloggers in the Positive category thought the rule was a good ideaThey denounced assertions that the rule is discriminatory. They did not think wanting the players to be able to conduct interviews easily and interact with sponsors was an unreasonable request from the LPGA.

– Bloggers in the Negative category were much more vocal. Some individuals thought it was a bad move for the LPGA and that they could have found ways to enhance marketability and player development besides a language requirement. Along the same lines, some thought that if speaking English was truly in the best interests of the golfer career-wise, she would choose to learn some English on her own and the rule is unnecessary. Several people felt the rule was discriminatory and would be quickly challenged in the legal system. Some thought the use of translators should be allowed and accepted. Others questioned the manner in which the LPGA announced the rule, believing that by holding a meeting with just the South Korean players it appeared those specific players were being targeted. One blogger felt that this rule hurts the sport’s efforts to combat its elitist image and that the rule is anti-globalization and anti-inclusion.

– Bloggers in the Neutral category pointed out that although some people are up in arms over the new rule, some of the actual players on the LPGA Tour do not appear to have a problem with the rule. Another blog examined some of the legal challenges the new rule could face, concluding that by the law it is not an open and shut case of discrimination as some may believe.


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