9-year-old pitcher banned for being too good draws ire of bloggers

Over the past 24 hours, the most popular blog topic was the story of Jericho Scott, a 9-year-old pitcher in New Haven, CT, that was banned from pitching in the area’s Youth Baseball League met with displeasure from sports bloggers. The Youth Baseball League felt that Scott throws so hard and so well that it posed a physical threat to the other players, though according to his coach, Scott has not hit a single batter this year. ESPN’s Stuart Scott’s basketball game and interview with presidential candidate Barack Obama was the second-most popular topic. Bloggers got a laugh out of an ad taken out by British tabloid newspaper The Sun comparing Great Britain’s gold medal count of 19 to Australia’s 14,  poking fun at the Aussies’ performance. The start of the U.S. Open, including famed boxing promoter Don King hosting a Nike promotional pseudo-weigh in of players Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, was also a popular topic of discussion. Rounding out the Top 5 was continued negative discussion of Cuban taekwondo athlete Angel Matos kicking a referee after a match and Cuban president Fidel Castro coming to Matos’ defense.


2 Responses to “9-year-old pitcher banned for being too good draws ire of bloggers”

  1. 1 John in Amarillo
    August 26, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    Concerning this 9 year old pitcher. What is not being discussed is his velocity. I have a 9 year old left-hander here in Texas who throws between 50 – 60 mph and he can pitch. My son is in his second season (Spring and now Fall) of playing kid pitch. He plays closed bases in his league team and open (MLB) bases on his tournament team. The only rule is he cannot through any (none) breaking balls until he is shaving. I am originally from CT not too far from where this other young man wants to pitch and I say let him. Perhaps he just needs to play in a more competitive league.

  2. 2 jay
    August 29, 2008 at 6:39 am

    john in Amarillo, i keep hearing people say he should play in a more competitive league, but what people fail to understand (especially folks who dont coach or know baseball) is that 40 mph IS NOT FAST AT ALL for that age group. its average at best. so moving him up serves no real purpose because a)he is a marginal pitcher (speed wise) anyway,so moving him up merely makes him the poster child for the Peter Principle. Its akin to someone kicking a kid out of a Spelling Bee at 10 years old because he knows how to spell the word “HOUSE” so is considered so much better than the rest of the competition because they CANT spell five lettered words. THEY ARE THE ONE’S BEHIND, not the pitcher. 40 mph is not exceptional at all for that age group. I know because i coach my son’s 9-10 yr old team. And b)what kid you know WOULDN’T want to continue playing with his friends his age? He actually plays in a more competitive league (and he is just average there–because 40mph is merely average speed anyway) but i understand completely why he still wants to play with his friends and age group.

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