Usain Bolt amazes crowd… too bad you didn’t get to see it until 12 hours later.

Over the past 24 hours, Usain Bolt’s World Record setting win in the men’s 200m final was the most popular Olympic topic. Bloggers were in awe of the apparent ease with which Bolt beat the rest of the field with some saying that Bolt’s feat of winning both the 100m and 200m sprints should be considered on par with that of Michael Phelps in swimming.

Speaking of the 8 Gold Medal winner, Phelps remained a popular topic with conversation about his endorsements and income potential and fellow swimmer Amanda Beard’s somewhat negative reaction to rumors that she and Phelps were involved.

NBC’s coverage also remained a popular topic, but the network is not receiving many compliments. Bloggers are frustrated with the time-delayed coverage of certain events. Specific complaints were about the men’s 200m final featuring Bolt that occurred yesterday at 10:20am ET, the results of which were much publicized on the internet long before NBC actually aired the race in its evening coverage.

Rounding out the Top 5 were men’s basketball, with results of both the U.S. vs Australia and Argentina vs Greece, and the extreme conditions performers in the Opening Ceremonies endured. Bloggers responded to reports of long rehearsals and some performers wearing adult diapers to negate a need for bathroom breaks during the hours-long show and ensuing comments by Zhang Yimou, the ceremony’s director, that such suffering and sacrifice were necessary to pull off the show. Following previous reports of “fake” elements in the show, bloggers raised questions about the lengths to which Beijing officials went trying to create the perfect show.


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