Michael Phelps’ record-breaking performance keeps him at the top of the blogs

Over the weekend, Michael Phelps’ historic 8 Gold Medals was the most popular Olympics-related blog topic. Women’s gymnastics was the next popular topic, with discussions on the performances of Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson, the excitable Bela Karolyi, and the age controversy with some of the Chinese gymnasts. Usain Bolt’s world record Gold Medal win in the men’s 100m was also popular, with some wondering how much faster he may be able to go since he was celebrating before crossing the finish line and apparently ran with one shoe untied. Men’s basketball continued to be a popular topic along with continued discussion of the ad featuring Spain’s basketball team pulling at the corners of their eyes. Many posted a picture from April showing Spanish tennis players and coaches making the same “slant-eye” gesture before a Federation Cup match against China. The original ad is sparking discussion on various other recent race-related incidents in Spain and that this incident only adds to a growing negative reputation for Spain.

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