Blog In-Depth: NBC coverage of the Olympics

Each Friday we look at one topic in depth. Keeping with our Olympics focus we looked at sentiment on NBC’s coverage of the Olympics so far.

Buzz Manager(tm) analyzed online discussion surrounding NBC’s coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Bloggers praising the coverage were tallied as positive, while bloggers who were critical of the coverage were counted as negative.

The Buzz ranked 7 out of 10, a topic of a high level of interest among sports bloggers.

– Bloggers in the Positive category praised the coverage. Many are enjoying the swimming coverage of Michael Phelps’ quest for 8 Gold Medals. Commentators Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines also received praise. Others also were liking the video coverage available on NBCOlympics.com.

– Bloggers in the Negative category were much more vocal. Many criticized the delayed coverage on the West Coast while the East Coast was able to get live coverage. Others dislike what they perceive to be a focus only on a few events and then only on a select few athletes. There were also complaints about the video coverage online, partly because it was only available on NBC’s site and much of the video was not available until much later after the event.

– Bloggers in the Neutral category mentioned the high ratings the telecasts were receiving and the online video.

“What has bothered me in trying watch this is the seemingly idiotic coverage by NBC where these important events don’t start until 10 or 11 at night while ‘prime time’ is filled with things like beach volleyball … But if you are already making the decision to air them at 10pm-midnight on the East, why can’t you air them between 7pm and 9pm in California? I don’t think the networks would show the presidential debates live in New York and taped in California. They recognize that people want to see the events live. The same holds true for the big events at the Olympics. Bad bad form to NBC.” – The Moderate Voice

– “Those to the West have been subject to events being listed as “Live” that are certainly not going on at that time and have basically been relegated to watching one of the best Olympic performances on a time delay. … This decision is unprecedented for a network to air events live on one side of the Country and not the other. It’s amazing how out of touch NBC is with its viewers, and the choice is baffling to say the least, so I completely understand if you’re frustrated. Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t look like NBC cares.” – Awful Announcing

– “The number of unique visitors to NBC Olympics video site soared to over two million on Monday as viewers tuned into the Games from the workplace, Nielsen announced today. These numbers show that the much-grumbled about time delay of the online coverage hasn’t had a negative effect on online ratings.” – Beet.TV


3 Responses to “Blog In-Depth: NBC coverage of the Olympics”

  1. August 17, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    You mention NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, I thought I was on the Beach Volleyball channel the first week! Bob Costas is the most terrible commentator on almost all fronts. He is most importantly insulting to NBC and the United States.

  2. 2 Ross
    August 20, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    With each passing olympic season, I’ve become more and more irritated by NBC’s coverage. The NBC people, all of the news and sports employees of NBC, seem to think the show is about them. The recent offerings are the worst. Lauer and other in stupid skits pretending to be gymnasts. And then there are the people on MSNBC, the two women working (questionable) with Tiki Barber have no ideas what any of the sports are and I don’t even think they are qualified to be on TV period.

    I hope the US Olympic people cancel any and all contracts with this bunch of idiots.

  3. 3 nathan
    August 21, 2008 at 2:44 am

    I just saw track and field coverage on NBC. Wow, I’m really disappointed in those announcers. I realize now what jerks they are.

    Lolo Jones found a moment to herself after losing (tripped on a hurdle) and they paparazzied her, catching her finally crying under the bleachers (after she had graciously granted them an interview). What no class journalism.

    Prior to that, regarding another runner who didn’t get first but got the bronze right after her disappointment about not getting first the announcers said “all that work” or something like that “and not much to show for it”. Can you believe that?

    Earlier they doubted whether a another runner (Sanya Richards I think it was) got a cramp saying something to the effect of “she said she got a cramp around this point in the race but we don’t see anything so….” Unbelievable!

    All this coming from people who certainly couldn’t have ever done any better in their lifetimes. I’m shocked at how anti the spirit of the games these announcers have made this event.

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