Michael Phelps is hungry, controversy brewing in gymnastics

Over the past 24 hours, blog discussion on the Olympics continued to center around Michael Phelps. Many were responding (with a bit of jealousy) to reports of Phelps’ extremely high-calorie diet, necessary to fuel his strenuous workouts. Women’s gymnastics also continued to be popular. Bloggers are enjoying Bela Karolyi’s enthusiastic commentating, though some wish he was on-site instead of in the studio. Others criticized NBC analyst Andrea Joyce‘s post-competition interview with Alicia Sacramone, believing she was excessively harsh in questioning Sacramone about her mistakes during the team competition. Bloggers also continued to discuss allegations that Gold-medal winning China’s gymnasts were under 16, the required age to compete. Men’s basketball, specifically the U.S. vs. Greece was highly discussed with many praising the U.S. team’s many dunks. Video and images of a severe arm injury suffered by Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai were popular. Re-appearing in the Top 5 was discussion condemning Spain’s defense of an ad featuring its basketball team pulling at the corners of its eyes, perceived as racist by many outside of Spain. Of note was discussion of Jason Kidd’s comments regarding several Spanish NBA players involvement in the ad. He believed there to be a “double standard” in that had American players done the same thing, they likely would have been reprimanded by the NBA.


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