Brett Favre reclaims the top spot as most discussed 7-24-08

Over the past 24 hours, Brett Favre reclaimed the top spot as the most discussed topic in the sports blogosphere. Bloggers are discussing reports that Favre allegedly had discussions with Vikings personnel using a Packers-provided cell phone. Josh Childress signing a contract to play in Greece instead of for the Atlanta Hawks was the second-most popular topic. Other highly discussed topics were: the Army reversing its decision to allow Caleb Campbell to play for the Detroit Lions after being selected out of West Point in the NFL Draft; Chicago Bears’ WR and return-man Devin Hester not reporting to camp without a new contract; and the fight among WNBA players from the LA Sparks and Detroit Shock.

“In what appears to be a brainlock of epic proportions, Brett Favre was using his team-issued cell phone to chat with Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and coach Brad Childress, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. There’s no link because it’s tucked behind a pay wall. Worth noting: Pro Football Talk had this last week.” The Big Lead

“But unless Atlanta renounces its rights to Childress — meaning Chills would no longer be a restricted free agent, he could sign with any NBA team and the Hawks wouldn’t have matching rights — $14.5 million of that cap space will be locked up in that cap hold. That means Atlanta would have only roughly $5.5 million of space, and that’s less than the mid-level exception. The Hawks would then have no cap space, and would be in the same boat as 85% of the NBA.
If the Hawks had overpaid Childress with, say, an $8 million annual contract, they would be able to go get a $12 million player in free agency next year … and they’d have Childress’s production! Instead, nothing and nothing. Good work, Sund.” —

“With a letter sent to the Detroit Lions on Wednesday morning the Army effectively excised this policy in one fell swoop and with no prior warning. The Army waited until the last possible moment to announce their decision.” — Deadspin


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