Buzz Manager In-Depth: 7-18-08

Each Friday we’ll also be bringing you an in-depth look at one topic from the week in sports using a Buzz Manager analysis of information from the top sports blogs as rated by Sports Media Challenge’s Sports Blog Index.

This week, Buzz Manager analyzed discussion about the MLB All-Star Game, specifically whether the format needs changes, the length of this year’s game, and whether it should determine World Series home-field advantage. Bloggers who like the ASG as is and believe having home-field advantage at stake makes the game more competitive were tallied as Positive, while bloggers who dislike how long the ASG lasted, home-field advantage being at stake, or other things related to the game’s structure were counted as Negative.

Fan sentiment towards MLB All-Star Game format

Fan sentiment towards MLB All-Star Game format

The Buzz ranked a 4 out of 10, indicating a medium level of interest among sports bloggers.

– Bloggers in the Positive category (18%) like the All-Star Game and felt that if home-field advantage were not at stake, the players would not put forth as much effort and the game would have fewer memorable moments. One blogger referred to this year’s ASG as an “instant classic”. These bloggers seemed indifferent to the length of the game.

– Some bloggers were Neutral on the topic (18%), remaining on the fence as to whether home-field advantage helps or hurts the game.

– Bloggers in the Negative category (64%) were the most vocal with opinions. Many strongly dislike the ASG deciding home-field advantage, preferring a method where the team with the better record is rewarded home-field advantage, as in most other sports. Some said that if the game is going to continue to count for so much, then it should not continue to be treated as an exhibition game and the format should change: fans should not have complete power over rosters; there should not be a requirement that every team be represented; and managers should not try to play everyone, they should be able to play a roster that gives their league the best chance to win.


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