Fan-Generated Media vs Consumer Generated Media vs Other Acronyms

When we’re talking to clients and partners, we use the term fan-generated media as opposed to consumer generated media or social media or user generated content. Here’s how I see the differences in terms:

User Generated Content (UGC) is content that’s supposed to be generated by an end user for use by other users of the same site (at least initially).

Consumer Generated Media (CGM), in specifically mentioning the “consumer”, refers to the idea that somebody is consuming or is planning on consuming something. Like a meal at a restaurant. Somebody posts a question to a message board and somebody else chimes in with an opinion and a link to somebody else’s review that was previously posted on a blog. All those consumers generating media, ripe for targeted marketing. 😉

Fan-Generated Media (FGM) is something we use when talking about UGC, but specifically in sports. Or really any time the content is being created by somebody with exceptionally high affinity towards a brand without actually being affiliated to the brand. For example, I’m a Padres fan and my blog is completely and absolutely biased towards the Padres. It’s targeted towards other Padres fans, but it’s open to be read and used by anybody willing to play nice.

The difference between FGM and the others is the fact that there’s nothing that’s going to change my mind about being a Padres fan. In Consumer Generated Media, there’s a feeling that the opinions of the content creators are malleable things. They can be “sold”. In FGM, the creator is already sold on at least one thing: the team or player or sport that the person is creating media about.

Social Media Marketing (SMM I guess) is messaging created by marketers in an attempt to get “viral” or to be accepted into and commented on in FGM or CGM. Note that this can be transparent or non-transparent.

Those aren’t hard and fast rules, but it helps when looking at a blog or online video or message board post to have some understanding of why the person is presenting the information in a particular way.


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