A little bit about myself and the company I work for

I work at Sports Media Challenge. Day to day, I’ll monitor blogs and other social networks and analyze all of that stuff for other people who work in sports. That includes athletes, coaches, marketing people, sponsorship people, agency people. You name it and there’s probably a reason they need to get another opinion regarding what’s being said about them on the Internet.

I also write a couple of my own sports blogs. One is Gaslamp Ball, which is mainly about the San Diego Padres and baseball. The other is Uncommon Sportsman, which is mainly about random sports. Come say hi.

In this space however, we’ll be talking mostly about observations of the online sports world. If you work in sports, hopefully you’ll learn some strategies to make better use of social media (or fan-generated media as we like to call it). If you’re a sports blogger or a sports fan, hopefully you’ll find out a little bit more about how sports operates as a business. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated and I promise future posts will be much more conversational than this here first one.


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